Dokky PRO Bookcase - eBay EPN Disclosure

Dokky PRO Bookcase Script eBay EPN Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure: Important Information for Users

About Our Affiliation:
This website have one Section, that operates in affiliation with the eBay Partner Network (EPN). We want to provide complete transparency about our relationship with Affiliate Program.

What It Means for You
The "Search Deals" is an Advertisement/Paid ad Section of this Website. ALL the Items, Searches, and Links you encounter on this page are part of this Promotional efforts.
Clicking on these Links does not increase the prices of the searched Items, and no additional fees are added for the Visitors. Any potential compensation is solely the responsibility of eBay EPN.

Reminder for Users:
We are obligated to remind you that what you see on this particular page of Dokky PRO constitutes Paid Posts by eBay. We understand this reminder may disrupt your browsing experience, and we apologize. However, eBay requires this clear disclosure to be always visible and easy to understand.

Social Media Sharing:
Auctions in Real Time have the possibility of being shared on Social Networks.
Links shared on social networks are Sponsored by eBay, indicating our Affiliation with the eBay Partner Network.

Thank you for your understanding.
Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns.

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